Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Silicon roasting pan

I was asking the question, to myself and others, how silicon would behave when roasting meats. This weekend, I did a small ham joint. It was cooked at 180C with a foil lid for one hour. Another 30 minutes without the foil. After the ham was removed, this was what remained in the container:
Just a few brown roast marks which cleaned off beautifully. This weekend, I shall be roasting sausages in it, probably making them into a 'toad in the hole'. Wonder how it will cope with that?

I have used the muffin pan to cook GF yorkshire puddings and they came out very well, without sticking. I always use a metal tray to stand the silicon dishes on otherwise they would be dangerous, with them being floppy!


  1. You're a smart cookie! I learned the hard and very messy way that it's better to put silicone bakeware on a tray!! Catriona

    1. Yes, they are rather unstable aren't they?


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