Monday 11 September 2017

Make new from old...

In the corner of the hedge of our front gravel garden, has sat a metal and wooden bench, in front of which, was our converted singer sewing machine table.

The bench seat has been mended numerous times but has gotten gradually more and more rotten and we no longer feel safe sitting on it (or even sitting in that area any more).

DB has taken both apart:

The sewing machine will have the long metal grill from the back rest of the bench attached as a top. We can then use it for plants or whatever, in the front garden.

The bench has enough short pieces of wood to change it from a bench into a single chair. We will make use of this in the back garden. More to follow as it developes!


  1. I have my Granny's treadle made into a plant stand-it has a concrete slab on the top for a table! I used to have it in our former house with a glass top in the front hall but no room here. Love doing upcycling but for me it's often sewing projects. Catriona

  2. I have a treadle that has had a car boot find table top attached to it and is now a great craft table.

  3. Brilliant idea. Love wrought iron in a garden.


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