Friday 13 October 2017

Bindweed and Bins

On the 3rd October, I mentioned about my raised beds which are starting to get their own compost bins installed in them. I re-filled the one in bed 1 and just 7 days later, it looks like this:

The worms are working well. Lid back on then:
Every time I put garden and food waste into the two full sized bins at the back of the garden, there are always loads of worms sitting around the lid, so I knock them out and divide them between both these new bins.

Early in Spring, I found a bindweed plant in my front gravel garden, near the hedge. Using a tip from the late, great Geoff Hamilton, I inserted a cane close to the plant and tied it onto it.

Donning plastic gloves, I rubbed the plant throughly with glyphosate based weedkiller stick, then removing gloves. I carefully wrapped plastic around it to protect any plants that might touch it as they grew.

Now, it appears well and truly dead after sweating all summer long inside it plastic tent  and should be fine to remove:
Have a nice weekend folks!


  1. Great tip - I must try that as bindweed is overtaking a couple of shrubs in the front garden!

    1. Geoff suggested in amongst shrubs to use a tall cane to encourage it well above the 'host' before applying to the top part only, then wrapping.


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