Tuesday 3 October 2017

So far, I'm impressed...

You may remember these posts here and here,  about our new trial of worm compost towers embedded in our raised beds.

I needed to empty the inside compost bin and thought on the way to the big bins, I would check out both towers. The one in Bed 1 has now been on the go now for about 11 weeks and had hardly anything for the worms to eat so half the indoor bin, along with a good few handfuls of shredded paper, were added and stirred up well:

You may wonder why the beans have gone in there, I didn't harvest them in time so they were stringy! Not wasted though as they will compost down well.

Next stop, the bin in Bed 3, not so far down as it has only been going a few weeks but again, was getting composed well and full of worms. The rest of the indoor bin went into it along with more shredded paper:

I think the secret to keeping them healthy and aerobic rather than anaerobic, will be plenty of shredded paper throughout the winter months. It will also help insulate them.

Bed 2 is full of leeks, sown from seed:
so as soon as they are harvested, it too has a pot waiting to go in. We need to look out for a slightly slimmer bin for the smaller Bed 4 and get one started in there as well.

From what I can gather, they can go anywhere in the garden, to help feed vegetables, flowers, shrubs etc.

Our aim is to completely get rid of our two compost bins as it drives us mad emptying them out every year, usually giving us backache or a pulled back in the process. We ain't spring chickens anymore!


  1. Your leeks are looking good!
    I'm going to pull some of mine soon; I'm looking forward to leek and potato soup.

    1. They were still like blades of grass in August so thankfully, have bulked up very well.


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