Wednesday 11 October 2017

Extreme couponing...

Drifting through the free tv channels, waiting for my programme to begin, I came across Extreme Couponing on a channel I don't normally view. I was both fascinated and appalled at the same time.

The lady in question, who doesn't work but does couponing as a full time job (she needed to), proudly showed the tv crew all the rooms in her house that were, basically, like a shop.

Her house contained $20,000 worth of food that she had paid just $2000 for. I was fascinated at that and continued to watch as she prepared to do her usual $600 monthly shop. She spent hours/days cutting out coupons from everywhere, stuffing them into her folder, working out dates, 3 for 2 etc, then broke the list down in order to maximise the coupons and special store offers. The wonders of the internet eh!

Her and hubby went shopping, using two trollies (plus small child in one of them). I have no idea how long their shop took and would have been very glad not to behind them at the checkout:(

Eventually they arrived back home, having spent their full $600 dollars and bought around $6000 worth of food.

Back home to her three, slightly plump boys, they unloaded all the food and helped put it away. Yes, she uses a menu plan, yes she budgets and obviously feeds her family good food but a large part of me couldn't help wondering if she was just a tad obsessed/addicted.

There was enough food in her house to have fed them for years and I again wondered, despite food rotation, whether anything ever got past its sell by date. Couldn't she have shopped from her house rather than go spend another $600 every month topping it up?

I didn't finish watching as my15 minutes was up and quite frankly, I was beginning to get rankled. Hey ho!


  1. I agree with your thoughts. Having food stockpiled would drive me nuts! I only have a small chest freezer in the garage and it's a constant battle to get to the bottom of that. I saw a British woman on TV once doing something similar - she was so proud to have a chest freezer full of ..... Pizzas!! Not exactly nutritional bargains but now and again very nice ....but enough to last several months.

    1. I currently have about 20 items in my 'stockpile' cupboard, not enough to create meals but useful adders. I prefer to have more, around 40-50 but have got behind. I just thought she was a bit compulsive. We got rid of our chest freezer for that readon and now have two uprights.

  2. The sort of TV programme that makes you think "Get a Life!"

  3. I have watched that programme a couple of times and often wonder about their history as it seems a little compulsive. Personally I wouldn't be able to cope with the shelves and containers everywhere but each to their own.

  4. I think it is a type of hoarding, I watched one episode where the shelves of shopping were everywhere, including the childrens bedrooms!

  5. I've seen that show in the U.S. and wonder just how many mustard, ketchup, and salad dressing one family needs. Even some personal care items have expiration dates. Cheryl

  6. I agree that it is a type of hoarding. I've seen this programme but it's a bit like watching a train wreck - you can't look away.
    While I believe in keeping a pantry these people go overboard. Even things like shampoo and deodorant will dry out or go a bit rancid if kept for too long - and there is no way that they can use up certain things (like 200 bottles of salad dressing) before it is way beyond the expiry date (and I am very lenient with expiry dates.
    I sometimes wonder if they are selling items to family or friends - fine if they are but just be honest. Also, a lot of the food is processed or soft drinks/energy drinks that are just full of caffeine and sugar.
    I did see one program where a lot of the items were donated to a church for their food bank & out of the cold program which I thought was wonderful. But if you are still going out and spending $600 per month then I think it's truly an obsession.

  7. I understand perfectly where you are coming from. I have often wondered why on earth people would put themselves through all of that. I do shop sales, and use a few coupons, but I also have a life.

    God bless.


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