Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What rain......

I know rain fell very heavily in parts of the country yesterday but not here, thank goodness, despite the horrendous forecast.

Mind you, it was very windy and very, very cold in the wind. We have had to put the heating back on!

We took a trip to Stamford to visit a small family vet practice for Ruby’s next vaccination. Her first jab at 8 weeks was by another manufacturer and had different products in it.  Our vet said it was okay for us to go, as they wanted to start her again, with an L4 included (which won’t mean anything to those of you without pets), which we felt was just too much. This vet practice used an L2 which means she is safe to go out in selected places in a week. She will have her final jabs in two weeks, at that practice, then she can go anywhere - yeah. Again, three lots but hopefully less of the L (leptospirosis) element.

She weighed 5.1kg, we have no idea if that is okay or not. She is putting on 1lb a week, is full of energy, has a waist, we can just feel her ribs, and she appears to be the right shape for a puppy of her breed!

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