Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Just removed a tick from a rather uncooperative Ruby. I hate them. Stamping on it didn’t kill it so I whacked it with my rolling pin!!!

I get them occasionally on me, blasted things. Cotton thread works quite well but as we now have a choice of two removers, shall use one of them in future.

Glorious weather isn’t it. Unfortunately, 3 out of my 5 peonies didn’t make it through the winter. First time in 31 years I have lost them, so it must have been wetter than normal, even in our gravel garden.


  1. When my cat had a tick the vet told me to use surgical spirit - worked a treat! xx

    1. Thanks. We used to do that with our last dog but now they have a special gadget to remove them safely.

  2. I dislike ticks intensely, and after Harvey and the boys go fishing I usually have what seems like a houseful of the pesky things. Do they dig into the men??? No, it seems they much prefer my tender skin.

    God bless.


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