Friday 10 January 2020

Brain malfunction...


We decided to bring the last of Ruby’s raw food from the outside freezer into the inside one. This usually involves moving things around and some frozen items put on something.

Yep, you guessed it, 2 x 1kg bags of food left out. Unfortunately by the time we found them, they were smelling. Another waste of money as they equate to a week’s worth of food.

Had we found them sooner, they could have been used or even cooked. Hey ho!


  1. All too easily done, unfortunately.

  2. I did something similar a few months ago. Our chest freezer is in the garage so I went for a sort out and left a whole turkey crown out overnight by accident (I'd removed it to make space and re-arrange things). Went back the next day and it had completely thawed - so I googled it and read that it could be re-frozen. I re-froze it straight away and then cooked it a few weeks later & used it as cold meat on family buffet. No harm was done and no-one got ill thank God! Obviously if it had been smelling like Ruby's food I would have chucked it.

  3. I've got into the habit of setting the alarm on my cooker as I come back in from the freezer in the garage. When the alarm goes off an hour or so later it takes me a while to think why i set it but eventually the trigger works.


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