Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Snowdrops and aconites are popping up in other people’s gardens and the surrounding countryside, there are none in my garden as of yet. They seem to get later each year.

I have decided this year to keep a sleep record. It’s one thing telling a doctor you can’t sleep but another to be able to show them. It never seems to get taken seriously. They just spout words at you about sleep hygiene and coping mechanisms etc.

So far, for the month of January, I have had no more than 9 nights of relatively normal sleep. That is, getting to and staying asleep naturally (hopefully within 3 hours of going to bed), without the use of Nytol or Bailey’s! That is very good for me.

I don’t feel sleep deprived as in feeling overwhelmingly tired, but am more irritable than I used to be and the slightest thing, somedays, can have me in floods of tears. I wouldn’t mind going to one of those sleep centres to be wired up and see if anything is causing it. Mind you I either wouldn’t be able to sleep due to the wires or would fall asleep and nothing would register.

I know I am not alone and as it has been going on for many years, is now probably just how I am.

Life eh, always ready to throw you a curve ball!


  1. I have the same problem and do keep a sleep log but so far all the docs have offered is sleep medication which has side effects I don't want. I hope if you find a solution that works that you'll kindly share it here.

  2. I feel for you. I'm definitely sleep deprived and am permanently tired. We have lots of bulbs coming up in the garden but the only thing that's in flower right now is the little cyclamens I planted last year.

  3. My daughters gave me a Fitbit last year, which has a built in sleep monitor. It records time asleep - light/deep and wakefulness. I've found it really helpful. I can see when I've been truly 'awake half the night' and when I've just woken briefly but fallen asleep again soon after. You might find it useful. My OH has been successfully treated for sleep apnoea. I think we must be a bit sleep-obsessed... But it really does affect physical and mental health if you don't get enough.

  4. I don't know (or remember) your age, but I gather this becomes more of an issue as one gets older. I have a few sleep issues from time to time but nothing too bad, thankfully. It's been better since I started going out and about more.

  5. A good idea to keep a diary it may help in getting you some much needed help.

  6. Eurgh! Sleep is a huge deal for me atm. Some nights I sleep 10 hours straight and other nights I'm awake every hour. I know jet lag has seriously disrupted my sleep pattern but doesn't account for the randomness of it. Good idea about keeping a sleep record!

  7. There are periods where I hardly sleep at all and then others where all I want to do is sleep.

    Great idea about keeping a record.

    God bless.


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