Friday 21 May 2021

Some more dyeing...

 This time using steeped blackberry juice rather than tea:

There were quite a few different shades in bright pinks, deep purples and a couple of blues. Must have been the constitution of the papers I used. The jug on the right was what I used whilst hot. On the left, half the cold original, unused, quite a difference in colour. I used the jug on the left to do the lace and a couple of small pieces of cheesecloth:
Dried but before ironing:
After ironing, quite a difference:
Herewith 2 small pieces of cheesecloth and some originally white lace:
I was pooped afterwards, as the drying process takes up so much time but am enjoying myself immensely.


  1. These are lovely! What a difference the iron makes too.

    1. I think as well as flattening them it will help not make journals so bulky.

  2. My goodness those colours are lovely. I do love the periwinkle blue colour.

    God bless.

    1. Amazing aren't they, so many different hues.


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