Thursday, 6 May 2021

Weird weather

About 9.45pm yesterday, we heard distant rumbling and thought it was people putting out their dustbins for today. Then we saw loads of flashes and realised it was a storm.

It got closer and louder then the rain came. Unfortunately this coincided with Ruby's bedtime routine and she hates going out in this type of weather for her night time ablutions but she eventually went out.

Unfortunately for her and DB who was watching from the doorway, on top of the rain, it began to hail and eventually 'snowballs' fell heavily, with the strong wind blowing them onto DB. It probably lasted about 30 minutes but was very loud. We had had heavy showers and hail on and off all day, NONE of which was forecast:(

Although the ground was clear this morning, flat surfaces had accumulated them:

Poor plants, I am surprised they are still standing!


  1. We had similar one afternoon last week; really dark sky, loud crashes of thunder and a long hail shower. No lightning for us though. Absolutely mad weather!

  2. Oh gosh how dramatic ... and we had a gloriously sunny evening, although it was very cold on our doggy walk.

  3. Oh my! They would have stung.
    I've just sown some more sweet peas. I think it must have been too cold for my previous ones. X

  4. I was watching the sky getting darker and darker in the north yesterday afternoon so that must have been over you in Norfolk. Just rain here and no thunder


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