Monday 17 May 2021

Something just for me...

It is 11 years since I completed my Fine Art degree. For a while now, I have felt the need to do something just for me. The problem was, giving myself permission. I have always crafted for friends and family, for my degree course, for selling or occasionally for our home.

It started with card making. That is fine in itself, but I tend to only do Christmas cards and a few birthday cards. What on earth could I do for the rest of the year?

I have become fascinated with art and junk journals, creating, decorating and using them but have never done anything about it. My degree journals were the one thing I was always complimented on, on my courses. 

I am an 'all in' kind of girl, so could get carried away with each new thing that interests me. My financial moral compass usually guides me though and stops me going too overboard. It enabled me to do my 1 year access course to higher education, followed by my 3 year degree course and 1 year Masters course, without spending a fortune.

It is that long standing financial moral compass though, that has also gotten in the way of doing something just to entertain and fulfil me. It tells me it is a waste of time and effort, will cost too much, take up too much time, will fill the house with dross etc. I can still feel it wiggling its pompous finger at me, it is very loud and extremely hard to ignore:(

However, if I don't want to stifle my creative needs, ignore it I must. With that in mind, we took ourselves off to the Big C craft and furniture store at Wymondham, see here. It is a treasure trove for fabric, needlework, felt, books and tons of other stuff. I spent £7.50 so not bad. BIG TIP: wear a coat, it is always very cold in there!

Tomorrow I will show you what and why I bought what I did. Watch this space!


  1. There's a BIG C shop, with lots of craft things in Diss too(well there was, I hope it's still there) I always forget to stop as it's on a small estate on the edge of town and I'm usually on my way home after shopping and just want to get home!

    1. Just looked them all up, quite a few which I didn’t realise so thanks. I think the one I went to is the one they refer to as the craft centre.


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