Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A day in the garden

Although today started off cloudy, the sun and blue skies arrived just after lunch. The washing line is full and the clothes almost dry. We've been busy in the garden tackling the area around our back pond (a black dustbin sunk into the ground with a few inches to spare to stop the hedgehogs falling in) as it had become infested with periwinkle. 

Looks a lot better now. One more side to do in the back garden plus the 3 raised vegetable beds. Once that is done, we will lay down some manure and cover with weed suppressant fabric. Then we can carry on in the front garden.

The oil is topped up (terrible price), the logs have been stacked and protected and we are as ready for winter on the warmth front as we can be. Still not using the heating yet – this unseasonably mild weather is good, lets hope it doesn't mean a cold winter like last year!

The rag rug for my friend is getting done slowly but surely – about 1/4 of the way through at the moment. Had some of our home-made chutney with our lunch today (Wild Plum & Date). It was lovely with a surprisingly smooth texture – will make some more again next year.

Having pork and tomatillo stew for tea – usually very spicy – that'll keep us warm.


  1. It HAS been a lovely day hasn't it. Like you, Hubby, M and I have been working in the garden and cutting logs. I'm so grateful that we bought the oil before the prices went up.
    Enjoy your stew..you deserve it after a hard day's work
    Love Debbie x

  2. Sounds like a really good but tiring day. It's so satisfying when everything looks tidy isn't it? And so lovely to be working in the warmth at this time of year! I tidied the front garden on Sunday afternoon - it looks so much better now! The stew sounds lovely.


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