Tuesday 15 November 2011

Eye Eye

Another lovely sunny day after the damp squib of yesterday where I'm convinced my washing came in damper than it went out! These clothes almost finished drying off overnight in the front room from the residual heat of the wood burner but one or two had to be hung in our south facing bedrooms to finish off today.

Had my annual check up at the optician's today – all okay even though a problem (detected last year) in the back of my left eye is still there, it has not increased in size or shape. Today, when asked what I have, he told me it could be Drusen, which is often present as we age and although normally associated with macular degeneration, my specks are not near there. They are being monitored by the optician and the hospital and both assure me that my optic nerve's and macula's are in tip top condition – so that's good. Next hospital test is March.

So, for those of you who don't have their eyes tested – get it done! Prevention is always better than cure.

Most of the day so far has been taken up with hanging around waiting to go into town and then food shopping but now I am back, it is time to divide Herman and send him on his final trip. Will show him off tomorrow if all goes well. Went into pound savers to buy 12 small foil takeaway dishes to put his offspring into – very good value for money.


  1. Good news about your optic nerves and maculars. I agree about looking after your eyes. I had my first cataract surgery when I was 43, and my second when I was 45. The first cataract appeared, grew quickly and I was completely blind in that eye in a matter of months. By the time they came to operate on that one 6 weeks after seeing the optician, I had developed one in the other eye! That was much slower growing and it was just short of 2 years before it really affected my life - I couldn't drive at night. The first eye that was done has started to fail again- the consultant did warn me this might happen because of needing to have the surgery at a relatively young age. I think I will just need some holes lasering in to it to correct it.

  2. Gosh, didn't realise you could get cataracts so early hope if you need more surgery that the laser will be used!


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