Tuesday 22 November 2011

Memory rag rug and lamp posts

Today, I have finished making the rag rug for my friend B. It has been compiled from their tablecloths, sheets, duvet covers and his tee shirts and sweat shirts. B plans on decorating their bedroom in the New Year and wanted something new in it, to remember her husband by.

Apart from a slightly sore hand where the rug canvas rubs when working (I've learnt to wear a fingerless glove on that hand now), it hasn't taken long - roughly 8 weeks, working on it for around 1 hour a day.

Also, the mystery of the holes recently dug on the pavements where I live has been revealed, they are for new lamp-posts. Although we understood that the county council would be altering the timing on their lamps to be switched off overnight, we were told that the parish council – who owns ours – wouldn't be doing this. So, we are not sure who has put them up, who owns them and whether or not they will be switched off at night any time soon!

We also hope that the old posts will be taken down when the new ones are commissioned – 2 per slot is a bit ugly. Although I reported on a previous post on the 14th November, how long it took to dig these holes, the two chaps putting these in took no more than 10 minutes. They dropped the post in, filled the hole with a dry cement mix (using a spirit level as well – well done chaps), before moving onto the next one.

Just after posting this, a van arrived with another two men in it and guess what - yep - they put the top part of the light into place - just needs to be connected.


  1. Well done on finishing the rug. A lot of work went into it and I'm sure your friend will love it. I think it's lovely.

  2. The rug is lovely. I'm certain your friend will be thrilled to have it. I've seen memory quilts before but never a memory rug. I think it's a fabulous idea.


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