Friday 11 November 2011

Soda bread & Herman

Have been busy making soda bread to have with our leek and potato soup at lunch time. (I had to observe my 2 minutes of silence 1 minute late due to the timer pinging smack on 11am – what timing!)

This is the recipe I usually use and adapt at times, such as using different flours, adding seeds etc. It will make one bread (increase quantities for more or a larger loaf. Mine is about 9” diameter).

Mix together 12 oz of plain flour/flours (not bread flour), 1/2 tsp salt, 1 1/2 level tsps bicarbonate of soda, 3 level tsps cream of tartar. Rub in 1 oz lard, butter or margarine. Add 1 tsp sugar. Mix in 1/2 pint of butter milk or 2 tablespoons natural yoghurt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and topped up with water to 1/2 pint liquid.

Handle gently to form into a ball then gently flatten down to a 1” disc and place on silicon/greaseproof paper sheet on a large baking sheet. Lightly score a cross (or more) into the surface to allow it to rise. Bake in a pre-heated oven set to 220C for 25 minutes. (The recipe calls for a 230C oven for 30 minutes but I find it burns using these instructions).

Herman is now on day 5 and bubbling well – although he seems to hold his breath when I try to take a picture of him actually bubbling. 

I have recently come across a recipe for a 30 day friendship cake – wonder if I am brave enough to make it. Apparently it takes 30 days to make the starter, then another 30 days of stirring and feeding etc. The pictures all look very nice though and I will publish some recipes I have found on the internet for variations of Herman. This time around though, I will bake him as per my given instructions.


  1. Thank you for visiting Quilters Cottage Norfolk.
    I love your Blog!
    When we first moved to the cottage my husband had 3 years left in the RAF and I was working part time as a bank nurse. Times were hard and we still make do and mend, share around when things come in that we don't need.
    Do Thrift Shop walks!
    Thank you for sharing, it's lovely you are in Norfolk too!
    best wishes,
    Jane C

  2. I love your Soda bread and make it each week. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

    1. You are welcome, must see if I can find a gf version that is good!

  3. Hello,
    Do you have an idea if I could get Herman base in Norfolk. I live near Norwich, in Surlingham.
    We could make an exchange (not mandatory on a Norwich bridge at midnight with Wagner music), some of your Herman base and one of our lovely bread (with or without gluten (buckweat flour).


    1. I have only ever been given it Frederic. Here is a link that might be useful:
      Hope the link and recipe work!


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