Sunday 13 November 2011

A sunny Remembrance Sunday

At last, a sunny day – time for gardening!

We had previously dug over an old flower bed by the side of the garage and sieved all the excess to get out some pernicious roots and gravel. We then distributed the soil between three large raised beds and a smaller one. Just finished weeding and adding manure to two of them and covered with weed suppressant fabric for the winter. The larger ones are about 4' x 3' 10" x 2' 6" deep.


Had to harvest the remaining lettuce from this smaller one so we could empty it as it was far to heavy to lift. It is shallower but gave us a good harvest of tomatoes and lettuce. It measure 3' 8" x 2' 10" x 1' deep and was leftover from building three similar ones for J & S to use.

These four hand made beds cost us around £25 per bed to build, including delivery of the wood. We used new pressure treated wood (yeah, I know, not very frugal) but we wanted them to last a long time. Once built they had perforated plastic liner and fabric stapled into the whole interior, then were re-painted with some wood protection that reputedly lasts 5 years. Then our own bed took another £10 for the compost and manure - we also added worms and soil from our own garden.

Considering these type of beds retail between £75 and £120 just for the wood itself, we thought we did quite well.

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