Friday 25 November 2011


Although the temperature hovered around 9C all day, the sky was blue, the sun out and the wind blew well enough to hang out some clothes. All around us was a hive of activity. There were workmen and vans everywhere. They have been busy connecting the wires to the new lamp-posts, then someone else came behind them to dig yet more holes. Don't know whether this was to actually connect the electricity or to dig out the old lamp posts.

Herman II was 11 days old, and bubbling away quite frantically. He always had a good beating before going to bed, when he was about 1 1/2” high. When I got up in the morning, he was nearly 5” high so is quite active overnight. Today he was baked and I decided to make him into a carrot and coconut cake.

As previously mentioned, I've managed to find several recipes for finishing off and will post as and when I do them. Here is the recipe for the one above: 

To your divided portion add 150g S. R. Flour, 150g sugar, 100ml oil (sun, rape, veg), 3 beaten eggs, 2 large grated carrots, 100g dessicated coconut, 50g chopped walnuts (I had none so used sunflower seeds) and 1 tsp vanilla extract (which I forgot!). Put into a lined cake tin and bake for 1hr 15 minutes or until cooked, at 170C. This recipe came from the web site

I must make another batch of mincemeat as we've run out plus some marmalade. These will have to wait until tomorrow as it is already after lunch time and I have yet to start the bread.

The streets lights have come on and everywhere else has the normal orange glow but our 2 are now white and casting a bright light downwards onto the road – far better. Dashed outside to have a look inside the base of the old lamp post before it gets removed - always wanted to see what they looked like.

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