Thursday 24 November 2011


Yesterday saw my friend B and I on our 2nd basket making course using rush. Last week we made a hot plate stand plus some hearts. This time we were shown how to weave a 3 dimensional object.

Using a 3” cube (taken from a fence post), we gradually wove around it to make this lovely little basket. B is going to use hers to stand a bottle of wine in. Mine has at the moment got the bottle in it to maintain its shape whilst it dries out. I then hope to line it and use it as a salt cellar (something I have always wanted).


  1. The basket looks very nice! And if you decide to line it I hope you will post a photo :)

  2. Loving your weaving. I think a salt cellar would be a great way to transform your work into something useable. The colours are lovely. Are they dyed?

  3. Thank you both. No, the reeds are not dyed, these are their natural colours but will become paler as they age. If I get a liner done, I will post a photograph Hilde.

  4. Your basket is lovely - what a great idea to use it for salt. Do you know what you will be making next?
    Love your photographs - particularly the second one.


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