Wednesday 9 November 2011

Baking & colouring

This morning was grey and damp and had the potential to turn into one of those dull November days that can get you down, especially if they drag on day after day. Late morning saw the clouds break and we now have some blue sky and lovely sunshine. Should be out in the garden getting on with things but our brown garden waste bin is full so will have to wait until it is emptied tomorrow. I use this bin to get rid of large loads of waste that I can't put in my own compost heap as I know from experience, what composts well and what doesn't.

My husband has fancied having a go at making pastry for ages, today he got his chance. We don't eat huge amounts of it so I suggested he make a small batch of Choux pastry, in the form of profiteroles – here they are straight from the oven.

Considering it was the first time for both of us to make this type of pastry we learnt a few things:

Don't add all the egg as our mixture was a little too soft.
Make smaller mounds as these were too big when filled.
Cook a little longer as they collapsed shortly after this photograph was taken, before we could remove the steam.However, they did taste very nice and we will have another attempt next week. Practice makes perfect!

Had my hair coloured and restyled today (I have been predominantly grey since my early 30's – runs in the family). I have a mobile hairdresser who is very good and a lot cheaper than the shops. I had low-lights done (with a cap), a cut and blow-dry for just £30. My husband hasn't been to the hairdressers since we married – he has always been brave enough to let me cut it.

Over the years though, I have become reasonably good. I also cut my sons hair when he's home but as he usually has an electric clipper used all over, his is easier to do. He is always amazed how much a hair trim costs when he does venture out to a barber.

Herman is now on day 3 and continues to bubble. He'll get his first feed tomorrow so should buck up a little.

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