Saturday 5 November 2011

Bird watching, DIY, Baking

Opened the curtains this morning to the sight and sound of Canada geese flying over. Not too large a flock - this is about the third flyby in 10 days - so more to come yet. They often land for a quick feed in some fields about a mile away before moving on. Whether they stop over winter at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve or move further on I don't know.

My home made laundry liquid has changed consistency. It may be to do with me having to pull it apart to use or maybe that is what it does. Anyway, it is now liquid enough to put into an old milk container and I have added a few drops of lavender aromatherapy oil – smells lovely.

No gardening done for the last two days due to rain and the next two don't look any better so we are still working indoors. My OH has dismantled an Ikea standard lamp that had a reading lamp attached (he knows what he's doing by the way). We now have two separate lights, the reading lamp sitting behind the settee to enable things to be done now the nights are drawing in. Very useful.

Finally made my Christmas cake yesterday. I use Delia's last minute cake recipe – very good. As she doesn't say though if it will last as long as a more conventional cake I tend to freeze it until mid December. Then I thaw, feed and decorate over the next week or so. Always works fine and it then lasts until well into the New Year.

Now is the time we do an autumn clean of the conservatory. The nets are a bit dull and the inside looking grubby. Our conservatory sits on the front/side of the house and it is where we enter (there was nowhere else to put it). It faces west so gets sun from mid afternoon onwards so is very good for tomatoes etc. It is also used as a boot/coat/work room. We used to worry about what people would think but now we don't care. When J & S come, this is where Sage their dog sleeps. In winter it doesn't usually get below 8-10c so she should be fine.


  1. I think I will have a go at making laundry liquid when I run out of wash powder and soda crystals- adding the lavender oil sounds like a great idea -one of my favourite smells.My conservatory is on the back of the house - it leads off our bedroom -bizarre, but the old man who lived here used our bedroom as a lounge/diner. It faces east so gets the morning sun which warms it nicely. I dry my washing in there on clothes airers, and our grandkitty Bold is put in there if I am going out during the day while we are kittysitting him.He absolutely loves it in there - he can see outside and loves curling up on one of the chairs in the warmth.

  2. Oh what I would give for a conservatory! My house has no room for one. The only place it could go whould be the north facing side, and that would be pritty useless.

  3. We know someone with a north facing conservatory and they still enjoy it and make use of it. Ours is too hot to actually sit in except in winter but then you get blinded by the sun - can't win can we!


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