Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Goodbye Herman

... and hello new Herman.

Herman has gone off to the great cake stall in the sky. Here are his last few moments – giving birth, always difficult for a male I think! 

Reminder – only put into foil dishes on the day you give the babies away as they are not too keen being around metal for a long time.

Fattened up before dispatch.

Fresh from the oven.

And cut ready to eat.
As I had previously said, this was cooked according to the original recipe. I have saved one portion to begin again and will try another recipe next time. It is lovely by the way, moist and with a lovely taste.


  1. Cooked Herman looks tasty! The texture looks really nice - like a cross between cake and sponge pudding.

  2. My boyfriend's had a friendship cake on the go for a couple of months now - his resulting cakes look very much like yours, I do wonder if your Herman is related to his Doughy. :)

    His (boyfriend not Doughy's) problem is that he like the flavour of the mix too much - the fermented sourness - and is annoyed by how little that flavour comes through to the finished cake, so just eats the babies raw rather than giving them away ;)

  3. It's true Louisa that the sourness doesn't come through too much but this batch has been warmer and smells more sour than the first. I don't see why you couldn't keep the mix going longer, maybe cook it on day 14 when its had a few more days to ferment. I am making this into a carrot and coconut cake this time around. Will post a picture (if it comes out).


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