Friday, 16 March 2012

We have done what we hope will be, the final mini-shop for this month. That takes our total to £152.01 – £12 over. This last shop was done in Morrison's (£17.50) but I reckon Aldi/Lidl would still have been cheaper even though I can't always get everything I need from them.

We have at last finished sifting the soil left over from the fruit cage area. 

Up to see DS., FDiL. and S. soon, can't wait. The car will be bulging at the seams with all the stuff we need to take up there. DS. wants to power wash their patio areas before the hose pipe ban kicks in. We have got a new outdoor table and chairs so they are having our old ones. FDiL. inherited a little steam engine from her Grand-dad so hubby has built a box to store it in.


  1. I feel like March is neverending! I am well over , and will need to buy some more milk and some toilet paper. The budget has been well and truly blown this month!

  2. Yes, my budget will probably go over too this month probably by £10-20. Never mind think how much less we spend compared to the "normal" people!


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