Saturday 3 March 2012

More building and transplanting

Dan, thanks for your comment. I did find dangling CD's on string (not allowing them to catch) helped quite a bit to keep the birds off my fruit. In the end though after many years of getting annoyed with the birds, we saved hard and got a fruit cage.

I got mine from Harrod Horticultural, they even do a pop up crop cage that you put up each year and can take down if you wish.You can also get what you need to build your own. Not that I am advertising them as such, it's just they do very good products.

Inside my cage will be 2 x blueberries (got to make the soil a little more acidic), 5 x autumn raspberries (don't spread as much), 1 x blackcurrant, 1 x loganberry, 2 x Gooseberries. I'm also thinking of getting strawberries even though they can take over. I have a rhubarb in the front garden that I might also transplant back into here.

We spent the morning finishing off the borders, putting the trellis back up and transplanting the loganberry. Several daffodils were in the way so they have been put into containers to flower.

More still need to be lifted and potted on, especially from around the gooseberries. Then I need to transplant the raspberries and rhubarb etc. 
Once everything is done we will add the side and roof net, attach the back poles to the garage wall then hopefully, it will be completed. Depending on the weather, all that work may take until next weekend!It started lovely this morning but has now gone very grey and windy. Rain on its way no doubt.

I have updated my War Diary Year II and Seasonal UK Food pages for March.


  1. I have just bought some bargain blueberries and put them in ericaceous compost.I am so envious of your variety of fruit, I only wish we had more room for it.

  2. Our blueberries up until now have been in ericaceous compost in tubs. Even though our soil is slightly alkaline, we hope the addition of such compost, pine needles etc will help them cope. If not, they will go back into tubs sunk into the ground in the cage.


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