Monday 19 March 2012

Visiting, eating, buying and making

We have really enjoyed our 2 days with DS. Went in a flash. Got taken out for a meal to celebrate Mother's Day early at a very posh Indian restaurant. If you eat before 7 pm you get BOGOF. Then we got another £10 off as DS. goes there with his firm and had the discount voucher from a previous outing.

He chipped in with the remainder as my present. He knows I don't like chocolates, flowers or cards on these type of celebrations so the meal was a good choice.

Also got myself a new coat and some boots for walking, Gore-tex based, so I should keep dry in future. My Amazon sales almost paid for the boots. As and when the rest gets sold, the money from there will go back into savings to cover the coat. 

Unfortunately, the boots will have to go back as they are hurting my right ankle bone, which they didn't on the test in the shop. Luckily, we have a branch nearer to us than where DS. lives so it saves a long journey.

Been out in the garden for a few hours. Got some more sowing done under the perspex plus 20 onion sets and 10 garlic cloves went in elsewhere. Have managed to get two lots of washing almost dry and also extended our 2 water butt configuration by adding a normal round black dustbin we had hanging around. 

Finished off the day by baking two loaves of bread - didn't forget them this time! 


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time with the family. What a shame about your boots. I bought some more onion sets this morning as J said there are some gaps in the rows we planted to overwinter at the allotment.I got them at Home Bargains - 300g for 99p. They're more expensive than the ones I bought at the allotment shop last Autumn, but some idiots burned our shop down a couple of months ago, so we have to source things from elsewhere now.

  2. J. & S. had some spare onions so I took 20. Haven't got room to grow many. Hope nothing else happens on the allotment.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I really must get some more garlic and onions in soon x

  4. What a lovely weekend. Such a nice thing to have dinner out too!


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