Thursday 29 March 2012

Monday is World Cancer Day

I received one of those 'forward this' emails concerning this issue. Normally I bin most of them but not this one. I did forward it to one friend but felt guilty and thought, if I put it on my blog more people will see it and won't have to forward it themselves or feel guilty doing so. Besides, I will reach more people this way as I only have a very small email address book!

Most of us must know someone who has died from or is currently battling this dreadful disease - I know I do. One of my followers has just lost some one and my heart goes out to them.

It says, 93% of people will not forward this message (I can understand why) but is simply asks that:

We pray for a cure for cancer” and states “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.

Now that's not too difficult is it? If you wish to put this on your blog, feel free to copy it.

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