Sunday 25 March 2012

Painting and gardening ...

Another lovely day. Finally got around to cleaning half of the windows – a job I hate yet it doesn't take too long. My wrist is still aching though, nearly 2 weeks after sieving compost. I hope it is just a strain.

We have now finished painting all the protective net tops for the raised beds. Sown another few broad beans, the first are now through. Tomorrow we hope to transplant the bay bush from a pot into the garden, releasing the pot for other things.

There are lots of flower buds on the pears and early blueberry, signalling no doubt, a return to frost. Its amazing how often I have to try and protect these buds from frost. Luckily, the pears are grown as an arch so at a push can be protected, same with the blueberries and the plums.

In the next two days, we hope to have the patio area clear of other things and set up for sitting out for the rest of the year. All bags of compost, grit etc will be moved behind the garage to get them out of sight. Then we can start to tackle the few things that need doing in the front garden. Lots of weeds growing but I still can't kneel properly so have to wait for hubby to be free so I can point at what needs lifting!!


  1. We have spent a lot of time in our garden today, it was nice to be able to have lunch outside too and just enjoy the sunshine.And Yes, no doubt we will be having frosts soon too, sods law, just as the buds start breaking through!

  2. Have read through your blog and thought I'd just pop in and say hello. I too have have been spending time in the garden.. there is so much to do this time of the year. Bye for now.


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