Saturday, 24 March 2012

More painting ...

Another busy day painting. DB has now put the gloss paint on the back weatherboard of the garage, plus its back and side windows. I have finished painting my raised beds and most of their netted protection sheets. DB needs to cut one down to size to fit the last gap, then I'll paint it tomorrow to complete that job. DB hopes to start and finish the garage side door tomorrow. Phew!

We still have a path job to do sometime that involves the front of the pond area plus reshaping part of the path behind the fruit cage which is now a little too narrow for comfort. Can't start that till we get the edging sorted out.

We are now on a new month for our food challenge – check out the page above. DS. & FDiL. are enjoying their weight watchers diet so much we though we would give some of the main meals a go. They have found that working out 2 weeks worth of meals then eating them again for the last 2 weeks of the month, they are having little trouble sticking to their food challenge.

We had our first Pro-Points meal tonight – Leek, Cheese and Pasta bake. We upped the pasta by another 1oz but overall, it tasted quite nice. Once the shopping arrives on Tuesday from Tesco, we will have everything we need to eat this way for the next 2 weeks.

In no particular order, we will be eating:

Chicken, salami & courgette patties, macaroni cheese, chicken casserole, sausage & corn hash, mushroom risotto, pork fillet and lemon rice, mexican chicken and vegetables, low fat green chicken thai curry, tandoori turkey, coleslaw & fish fingers, lasagne, roast chicken and coleslaw with wedges & tuna. Including tonights tea, that is 14 meals.

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