Friday 9 March 2012

Nearly finished ...

Had a bit of a spend today. Needed to go and buy some more wood chip to finish off the cage area. Whilst there, got the strawberries I needed, 1 x 6 different varieties taking us through from early summer to autumn. Then I spotted the blackberries. Again, this is a fruit we love and usually pick in the wild. However, a friend had one growing in her garden. They have far less pips than the wild ones and taste adorable so we indulged ourselves with a thorn-less variety. As we have a nice if rather hard pruned Bramley tree in the garden, I feel lots of nice things will be available next winter.

We started late morning to carry on with the cage area. I kept nipping in to make and keep an eye on our soup. After a lunch break (said green pea and vegetable soup) OH had a snooze for a while, whilst I carried on. After about an hour, the final handful of wood chip was down, everything tied in and looking good. OH came out to do other gardening jobs. 

Herewith the pictures.

Standing outside, looking down the completed left hand side.  The little grey statue was something I carved out whilst on my Access course. It was an abstract idea of reed warbler nests out on the marshes. As well as the 3 holes, there are lots of 'map' style lines running around it.

Down the far end of the left hand side are 2 of the 6 new strawberries with plenty of room for them to expand, plus 1 of the 2 gooseberries. 

In the middle is the gooseberry plus some more strawberries.
There is just enough space to the left of this plant to put in another blackcurrant if any of the cuttings take.

We now have to fix on the side nets, secure them to the ground, put over the roof net and secure the poles to the garage wall. Finally, we need to put a net on the door, level it as best we can and then we are finished. As we are now aching again we have stopped. These jobs will be started tomorrow and finished Sunday if need be.


  1. You should be having bumper crops of fruit from your garden this year when all your hard work pays off!


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