Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ticking over ...

Not a lot to report at the moment. Due to tennis, all our housework and gardening is in ticking over mode. That is, just doing what is necessary. Tennis will end soon, (after the Davis Cup) then normal service will be resumed.

Yesterday we went to Cromer for our walk and saw some of the damage and repairs taking place after the storm surge around the area in December 2013, see here

Huge amounts of concrete from the tops of the sea wall are still missing, waiting to be replaced. The Pier is now open (didn't go on it this time) but large cracks along the wall, on the sea side of it, were still evident and awaiting repairs.

We had a nice lunch in the Lifeboat Cafe (E and I had prawn sandwiches and DB a burger), all at a reasonable price compared to a pub. They have such a little kitchen, don't know how they do it!

DB and I have just been out in the garden for an hour to do more cutting back and weeding. The very sorry looking Autumn raspberries are fruiting early, giving just a few berries. We have decided to get rid of them at the end of Autumn and move one of the blueberries which is being swamped by the rather rampant blackberry (thornless at least!)

My front garden is currently in its green stage although some of the plants bought last year are trying to plug the gaps just a little so hopefully it will not be green for too long.

Our neighbour J. called to tell us his mum had died a few days previously and to let us know when the funeral will be. It was a release really as she had been refusing to eat and drink for the last few days and it was expected. He lost his dad a short while ago in similar circumstances but generally seems reasonable upbeat, well as much as you can be, as his death was expected as well.

I had a visit to hospital this week for an electrical test on the nerves of my hands as I keep losing sensation in them. I thought carpal tunnel but when I last had it done 10 years ago, nerve damage was mild but they thought more associated with my neck. As per normal, the chap doing the test didn't tell me anything and I should hear from my doctor in a couple of weeks:)

Other than that, we are both tickerty boo, and trying to get our heads around the budget to see if any of it applies to us!


  1. Re. your hand... Cervical rib?
    Our raspberries have fruited early too, but because we have had so little rain they are very poor. Hopefully the later ones will be better.

    1. Don't think I have a cervical rib as I have had numerous X-Rays and MRI scans of my neck and upper body over the years so presume it would have been noticed. Thanks for the info, very interesting and weird!

  2. We went to Cromer a couple of weeks ago for the day. I have fond memories of the place. I had chips and ice cream (not at the same time) :0) LOVELY. I have a little weeding and tidying but other than that everything in the garden in ticketyboo.

    1. I have more dead-heading to do but our gardening waste bin is getting full and there is only so much I can compost. Once it is emptied next week should be able to get on with a lot more work.


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