Monday, 20 July 2015

King's Lynn Wartime Weekend

We misread this, thinking it was only Sunday! Off we went over to King's Lynn on Sunday morning for a quick visit (Davis Cup shortly after noon!). Finally managed to get to see the underground shelter on the Tuesday Market Place:
The above pictures shows one of the numerous toilets. I am assuming they were probably just buckets, newspaper and hopefully a curtain for privacy? One of very few shots of us walking around that came out, even with a flash!

Once outside we visted the marquee where entertainment and refreshments were being served. They also had one or two stalls there. Outside were Dad's Army:
Some workers walking past a 'pretend' Spitfire:
There were a few cars. We liked this one:
Complete with a few baked goods:
There was also an Anderson Shelter:

There were other events happening around town. In the Town Hall you could lie in a Morrison Shelter like the one here
There was also singing and dancing going on on the Quayside and a tea dance was proposed for the afternoon.

As I said at the start, we didn't stay long as we wanted to get back to watch the final one or two singles matches of the David Cup.


  1. That looks like a fun event! But maybe you could have told them a thing or two about wartime rationing.

  2. Wish we had known about this, could have left home an hour earlier on Saturday and detoured via 'Lynn to have a look.

  3. That looks like fun but as Frugally Challenged said, perhaps they should have contacted you to pick your knowledge! X

  4. Could well have done, there were only a few stalls, nothing like you would normally get at such events and no one discussing rations!

  5. How lovely. Didn't Andy Murray & Co do well.

    1. Yes they did although I got quite anxious for Andy as I thought he was going to drop!


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