Friday, 17 July 2015

Kitchen Cupboard Revamp

Welcome to Janet B via Bloglovin. The thunderstorms last night kept me wide awake so not much sleep for me although DB slept through them all:)

Over the past few days (and no doubt some more days as well), DB and I have been studying the kitchen cupboards to create better storage space. This first idea again came from somewhere on the internet (can't find it now) but they used a bought storage saver and this is our version of it:

I forgot to take a before picture but everything was stacked inside each other, other things stuffed behind, now it is better. DB measured the width of everything I wanted on this new version shelf, drilled holes 3/4's the way through and inserted metal rods into 'an interference fit' (ie he hit them in with a hammer:
That is a lot better! The 3 metal rods on the right are spaced the same, the ones on the left are closer together to house my enamel pans which are small. The bottom of this cupboard (whose door now holds our film wrap storage device from the other day), still needs sorting but we don't quite know how yet.

Next, the saucepan cupboard, I did remember before and after pictures on this. Here is before:
A few more pans and lids were also on the top but were removed before I remembered to photograph the cupboard!. We use the small pans plus the front two on the bottom shelf but again, various sized frying pans were inserted inside each other (plus their lids) which was irritating. Here is the same cupboard afterwards:
If we needed the very big pan for soap making, or the one above it for soup making, then we still have to un-stack them, but everything in constant use is now easy to hand. He put a hook on the left for the small frying pan but we decided against one on the right for the large lid as it got in the way. The door to this cupboard now looks like this:
Onwards and upwards friends, onwards and upwards!

Our menu for the week beginning July 5th has now been updated.

Starting today, we have tennis games to watch for the Davis Cup. Very hard I think this time as the French have a very strong team but we shall enjoy watching and hopefully we will win. Come on you lads!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Please can I borrow your hubby to revamp my kitchen? I love the "interference fit" by the way.

  2. Excellent, frugal ideas to solve an everyday problem! Your husband is a very useful fellow to have around :)

  3. Some great ideas here, especially the enamel dishes cupboard xxx


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