Monday 13 April 2015

Been Busy

First of all, welcome to Lynda Welsh via Bloglovin.

During the tail end of last week, during the warm weather and atmospheric pollution on the Friday, we were both busy, shovelling 2 tonnes of shingle. Most went on the front garden, some down the side near the back door and some on the drive. We may well need another tonne to complete the drive.

We worked for about 30 - 45 minutes at a time before getting too tired. Had hot baths each night to ease our aches and eventually got it all down:
You might be able to see but there is now a top layers of very sandy shingle. The rain on Saturday helped to wash the sand off it which was helpful as we kept bringing it into the conservatory on the bottom of our gardening shoes!

This chore (and it is now a chore believe me) gets done every few years. Despite not walking on the garden area in the front, it slowly works its way down into the soil. I'm really surprised any plants carry on growing but it has been like this now for years and each Spring and Summer, they grow then flower their hearts out.

The roses have been given a manure top dressing under their gravel mulch and each year, pelleted chicken manure or blood, fish and bone get scattered over the gravel.


  1. Well done you! I bet you needed hot baths. We have a shingle drive too but have to keep weeding it and some cheeky cat likes to leave a dirty protest sometimes. Hope all is well and am looking forward to some new frugal meal ideas from you. X

    1. We shared a hot bath each night, on a water meter!


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