Thursday 23 April 2015


The apple and pear blossom in the garden is beginning to open and it looks so delicate and lovely. Of the five trees down our left back fence, only this trained conference pear has blossom:
The next two apple trees have one set of blossom each, the final two are still too small. However, the front arch of trees (two pears and two apples) are in blossom:
Mingled together at the top of the arch:
The two plum trees on the back arch are almost done with their blossom and I think the quince has been pruned too hard so won't get any this year.

A strange thing is happening in the front garden though. My oriental poppies are coming into full leaf but one has decided to flower - at ankle height:
How odd!

The back alpine bed also has some plants in blossom:
Isn't that Sedum in the front a glorious colour, it isn't that colour normally, again, how odd.


  1. love your flowers and lots of blossom on the trees.
    greetings regina

  2. Gosh that's ear;y for the poppies, isn't it? But blossom everywhere as I drove home from Norwich today, it was such a lovely drive in the sunshine and all the trees greening and Maying.

    1. Yes, it is early and the only poppy flowering! The lanes are looking lovely aren't they? Still, no tender plants will go out here until the end of May, just to be on the safe side.

  3. I noticed that our fruit trees at the allotment have flowers on them but they haven't opened yet. I hope they survive the frosts which are predicted for next week.

    1. Always the same isn't it, especially for plum blossom which nearly always opens when the frosts are around.


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