Wednesday 1 April 2015

Gardening, wind damage and updates

A very low level dusting (due to high winds) of blood, fish and bonemeal was scattered over our fruit cage yesterday. After a gentle raking in and levelling of the soil, wood chips were put down around the blueberries, loganberries and blackberry before we ran out of it. Another three bags should see the job finished. It isn't exactly cheap to do but necessary for weeds and keeping the soil good, especially for the blueberries. It usually gets done once every three years.

Although the garden suffered no damage over Monday night, a few very strong gusts, managed to blow off a very heavy perspex top. It wasn't folded in half like it is here but is very heavy nonetheless:
It crushed a plant along its edge:
and broke one of our cane fence poles:
Herewith a view from the front window, showing the mini daffodils and the green leaves left from the snowdrops:

War diary year IV, has been updated for April as has last weeks menu meals.


  1. The high winds have caused havoc here too DC, compost bin number two was found rolling around the slabbed area and detritus was all over the garden hopefully the winds will blow themselves out before too long.

    1. Luckily not too much debris as we are far enough away from trees. Loads of kindling available though if needed. A few watering cans also went swirling around the garden. Lets hope it has now blown itself out!

  2. We are no strangers to high winds here in the Midwest...last summer during a storm a full-size trampoline cartwheeled towards the back of my house (we do not have fences on our estate) it just veered off at the last minute and ended up in the park across the street where it sat for over a week...
    We live in tornado alley so never know what will blow past..
    I loved the gales when I lived in Scotland.......out here; not so much..

    1. I would be scared of living in a tornado area! Good job it veered off. We have those over here and they never seem to be anchored down.


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