Thursday 2 April 2015

More gardening

First of all welcome to Joy via here.

We are still trying to clear a 'path' between the inner circle garden stones and the outer bits, a few plants are still in said path area:

This year we have two separate lots of frog spawn in the pond:
The bunch above is floating freely in the main part
This lot however, is attached to the stones right on the edge where the birds normally sit and drink. We have covered it with netting in the hope they don't eat too much of it. Once the baby blackbirds are around we have to cover it completely otherwise they tend to slip in and drown!


  1. Our frogspawn has taken a right battering with the bad weather we've had this week. I don't think the hailstones and torrential rain were very good for it at all. Fingers crossed some of it survives so we get some additions to our froggy population; I do love watching them in the pond.

    1. We used to have far more frogs each year but not many seem to make it that far now. I ought to try and move some into the back pond as that is where I really need some!


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