Tuesday 8 November 2016

Double bed cover

A super king size quilt cover has been cut ready to cover the double part of a cut down coverlet:
This was going to be far harder to do as even when fully extended, the dining room table is neither long nor wide enough to take the whole thing. Anyway, perseverence saw both elements pinned together and tacked into place.

My small machine would not be able to stitch this all the way through to the middle, so I went as far as I could, then left the middle two lines out.

Here it is on top of the bed:

Not the best of pictures as I managed to do it all during the day and by now, the evening was drawing in. I had a few more problems with it but all in all, am very happy with it. I reckon it will add between 2 and 4 togs.


  1. Just what you need now that the colder nights are drawing in, it looks lovely. I like an extra lightweight, but cosy layer than can be drawn up over the main quilt and just as quickly thrown down if it gets too warm.

  2. It looks lovely as well as being useful.
    J x

  3. Its great and a very useful addition to the bed. A lovely summer weight quilt.

  4. It looks amazing, such a great idea.


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