Wednesday 16 November 2016

Faggots - Gluten Free

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I can't abide bought faggots as I like to know what is in them. They are very easy to make at home, taste lovely and you know what they contain. Herewith an adapted recipe originally from Frugal Queen.

1lb Pork shoulder minced - or pork mince
1lb Value Bacon pieces - minced
1/2lb chicken or lambs liver - minced
1 x 170g GF Sage & Onion Stuffing, made up with 50ml less than the packet instructions - if made up using boiling water, leave to go cold.
1 beaten egg
About 10 grinds of black pepper

Combine everything in a bowl. You really will need to get yours hands dirty when mixing everything together! Leave for about 30 minutes to solidify in the fridge.

Test the flavour by frying a small spoonful in a little oil. Doing this enables you to adjust seasoning and flavouring so you know you will enjoy the end product.

Using lightly oiled hand, make balls of the mixture, about 2" wide and place them onto a greased deep pan and baked them at 200C for 30 minutes. Also in the pan were 3 tomatoes halved. Whilst they were roasting, we made a large pan of gravy.

4 medium onions were sliced and fried. 4 pints of pork stock were added (water and 3 stock cubes). We also added 3 tablespoons tomato purée and 1 teaspoon mild paprika. Once cooked, it was thicken with cornflour.

When the first tray had cooked for 30 minutes, cut one in half to ensure it is cooked through and remove onto a place to cool. Pour some of the gravy into the pan and scrape to remove any residue. Pour it back into the gravy pan. Clean the roasting tray and cook the final batch of the rest of the faggots. Remove when cooked, add gravy to pan, scrape the residue and pour back into the gravy. We managed to make 21:
We put two into 8 foil containers, along with 2 1/2 ladles of the cold gravy. They were then frozen. One tray each is required for a meal. The other 5 faggots and some of the gravy, we had for tea. In the picture above, they fell apart slightly during cooking which is why the recipe calls for a beaten egg and then cooling.

We had enough liver and bacon leftover to give us a meal the next night and enough gravy to go towards some soup.


  1. JUST my kind of meal, JUST my kind of cooking! I haven't done any cooking-to-freeze for quite some time, but now it's the right weather. Thanks for posting this Dc - very timely!

  2. I can't remember the last time we had faggots and yet it is something that I really do enjoy. I will definitely be using that recipe, thank you for sharing.

  3. I haven't had a faggot of any description since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease a little over 5 years ago. Over the years I've kept checking for online suppliers but when I have with deliveries including you're looking at nearly £30 for 4. I love faggots, but I'm not a secret lottery winner.
    I've never even thought of making my own because I've always thought they were REALLY difficult.
    So Google became my best friend today when I was again looked on line. I thought I'll just see how hard they really are. All I can say is "thank you so much."
    I'm the only Celiac & faggot lover in the family, so they really are going to a cheap meal for me.

    1. We love them. Hope they work out for you.


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