Monday 21 November 2016

GF Sausage Rolls - trialling frozen puff pastry...

Welcome to Liz Penistone via Bloglovin.

Having tried Jus-Roll chilled GF puff pastry, this time, it was the turn of Genius frozen puff pastry. Once defrosted and rolled out (felt and acted the same as normal puff pastry during this process), I cut it into two and added my skinned sausages:
Beaten egg was added at the sides to seal once rolled. Using scissors, I cut them into 1" rolls and baked them:
There were enough scraps leftover to make one mincemeat pasty. Still warm, they were nice, once cold, they were a little harder. They were then frozen so I shall try and remember to report back what they are like once thawed and either eaten as is or warmed through.

I wouldn't exactly call either of these pastries 'puff' but better than nothing!


  1. I have a love of any pastry! A good pasty with plenty of pepper takes some beating though.

  2. Once again thank you for testing GF products for us all.
    I was very excited about your last post for Jus-Roll GF puff pastry but..... so far I've failed to find any.
    We do live in quite a remote area so maybe I will have to stockpile when I go on holiday. Most of my efforts at home made GF pastry have failed dismally even though I manhandle it.
    My ordinary pastry looks and apparently tastes good!
    Having a stock of GF pastry would be good 'cause I often don't bother with cakes etc for myself when we have visitors. Sue

    1. Being already frozen at least you could stockpile this one rather than the chilled one which says it can't be frozen (before baking I assume).


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