Tuesday 19 June 2018

Fresh from the oven today...

Cheese scones:
I shall freeze some of them for our walk later in the week as just occasionally, we like something savoury rather than sweet!

Looking forward to seeing Andy play this afternoon, do hope he doesn't slip and cause anymore damage. Even if he doesn't win, we hope he has a good game to get him back into matches.

To me, he seems to have lost a bit of weight so hope he will be match fit and not get too pooped!


  1. I shall be terrified watching Andy play, a hip operation is a big deal, hope he doesn't do any damage.
    Mmmmm cheese scones - now there's an idea for next time I bake.

    1. He did very well didn’t he, a few twinges in his back towards the end.

  2. The scones look lovely. Now I want to bake some.

  3. A good cheese scone, slightly warm, yum!


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