Saturday 23 June 2018

Oh dear....

Without warning, Ruby had a poo on our nice dining room carpet:(

Shame it was softer than normal....

After a brief moan at her, she went and hid behind the hoover and she isn’t keen on it at all. Guess she realised.

We had morning tea under the shade of trees this morning. Weather looks to be set fair and getting hotter by the day. Picked three strawberries to top our cereals, beautiful taste. Even DB who is not over keen on shop bought ones, commented on their flavour.

Busy morning in the kitchen, baked bread, made muffins and a quiche for tea.


  1. Oh dear, accidents happen and at least Ruby felt bad about it. Our cat does this when she gets angry with us and from the looks we get from her she could care less that what she did was naughty.

    God bless.


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