Friday 15 June 2018


I don’t know about the rest of the country, but we didn’t get a single drop of rain here and it is sorely needed. There is only so much carrying of watering cans I can do, so resorted to the hose, on the fruit and vegetables.

Training with Ruby this week was a bit odd. Some things she did really well but early on was a bit of a nightmare. Looking back, I think she wanted a wee as she piddled on the floor several times. Once we returned from outside, she behaved. Again, didn’t want to let go of her toy and she got a bit snappy but I persevered and got it off her. She has taken to resource guarding so we really will have to work on that.

She is slowly but surely getting better at things and we can see the dog she will become if we keep up the training. We have at last found a completely enclosed field to practise recalls off lead, so far so good. She did start to run after a jogger but returned on the whistle. That particular walk was longer than planned as DB didn’t realise he had dropped the lead!

She also had her third bath as she was a bit whiffy, water only though. She is cleaner now and once she dries and loses the wet dog whiff, should smell better.

Have a great weekend folks. Welcome to Yvonne Abdul via Bloglovin.


  1. A few spots of rain here then nothing and we really need it too. Well done with dog training.

  2. Good news with the training. Hope you get some rain.

  3. The joys of a life with a puppy...Nice to hear things are going well for Ruby. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. It's been very dry here and also in Elveden where I was last week. Watering can weather!
    I'm glad Ruby is making progress.


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