Monday 11 June 2018

Message from Ruby....

Apparently I am a little naughty at times and mum calls me something.  I don’t know what the word means. It sounds like sit but isn’t the same so I ignore it!

Mum and dad bought me a new bed for daytime:
I was hoping for a soft one that I could get my teeth into and have fun ripping it apart. Mind you, this is one big teething toy. I was just getting some nice shapes into it when dad took it away. Now its smooth so I shall have to start again:)

Apparently I am 95% house trained but still like to wee indoors occasionally just after I have been outside for one, got to keep them on their toes.

I love my crate, a nice safe place but my other safe place is lying down between their legs when they are standing. I try to keep them standing as long as possible by constantly jumping up on chairs. They have tried everything so far to stop me, but at the moment, I’m winning!

Maybe that’s what that word means😂


  1. Ah, those glorious puppy days! we still have chew marks on our dining chairs !! Have you tried freezing whole carrots or filling a Kong with something yummy and freezing that and if she is only allowed the Kong on her bed it might, the emphasis being on might, be encouraged to spend more time on her bed rather than between your legs! She looks adorable.

    1. She loves frozen carrots but is currently in the ‘run away’ with it stage. Finally the word crate has sunk in so, when tired, she goes on command to her crate, is given a few pieces of kibble, then goes to sleep. Bed and jumping up are still works in progress.

  2. I feel for you. At least the crate is good progress. There are times when you feel like throwing them outside and slamming the door shut (it's not just me is it?!), but then you look at them and your heart just melts at how adorable they are.

  3. I can only imagine the unknown word is sweet. 😉 Those eyes! I can't believe she is capable of any naughty behaviour.
    I used to have a Patterdale terrier who was also very 'sweet' at times. Happy days. X

  4. She looks so sweet! I'm sure all your hard work will be worth it.

  5. The word is adorable, LOL...

  6. Thanks everyone. How did you all manage to chose the correct word!


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