Friday 29 June 2018

Out and about again ...

We needed to go to a garden centre and as we parked, I noticed a couple of DeLorean DMC vehicles (Back to the Future) parked in the next car park. We got out to have a look and actually, there were 18 of them:
Ruby has really been feeling this hot weather and is a bit out of sorts. For the most part, she is still doing well except for yesterday when she was just annoying most of the day. After finally stopping her jumping on the furniture, she decided to do it a few times yesterday (we had a visitor). In the end, she got put in her crate to go to sleep.

Ah well...
She certainly drops to sleep in some unusual positions!


  1. Replies
    1. Must have been a convention on somewhere.

  2. Emma sleeps exactly the same! She's really not happy with this heatwave, poor dogs


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