Thursday 14 June 2018

Meal ideas for next 10 days

Chicken a la King, beef curry from freezer, pasta bake twice, fishcake and chips, pizza, quiche twice, Indian beans and mushrooms, sausages from freezer, egg and chips, use it up twice, something on toast.

I have enough food money left over for fresh fruit, dairy and other essentials so that should do it.

My vegetable garden is still pathetic. A whole packet of new carrot and beetroot seeds have now been sown, three times, with very little to show for it. Radishes have grown, tomatoes are good, so far, beans still thinking about growing. It isn’t for lack of food or water either.

I discussed with DB yesterday about whether to give up growing veg in 3 of the 4 raised beds and have fruit instead. It would mean extra netting being set up. The 4th bed would have a few unusual veg in it and the bed down the drive would still rotate between beans and tomatoes. We shall see.


  1. Your menu sounds good. I have sown salad leaf for the third time and it is coming up but the second sowing did too then disappeared. Just two beetroot plants still there. I mainly grow fruit and also tomatoes which are doing well.

  2. I gave up on the veg plot and have simply tucked everything into my flower border. The sweetcorn and curly kale are doing really well up to now. I will add more next year

  3. The menu sounds lovely. Our beans are thinking about growing as well in a few spots.

    God bless.


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