Thursday 9 August 2018

Food preparation...

Since putting Ruby onto a raw food diet, she has done very well. Her coat is absolutely glistening.

She has tried most meats and enjoys them all. She loves green tripe and also sprats. She also eats eggs, chicken necks and dehydrated fish skins (to help clean her teeth and under supervision) and fruit and vegetables.

Rather than faff around preparing her vegetables each day, I have taken advice off a site and prepared them in advance. This time around, I used spinach, dark green cabbage (outer leaves after washing), green bell pepper and carrots.

They were chavelled up in my food processor along with a bit of water before being put into bone and paw moulds:
This was a trial to see if they will freeze okay, which they did:
Couldn't quite fit them all in the box but most went in.

She will have one a day in her meat so there will be enough for 4 weeks. The job took me about 1/2 an hour all in, including washing up afterwards!


  1. Very clever. It obviously suits her very well indeed.

  2. I love the moulds! So much easier for you than doing it every day. So pleased to hear that she loves her new way of eating and that she's thriving on it.

    1. I got them originally to make biscuits for her.

  3. our dog will not eat carrots unless grated, but we give him cauliflower ribs, and brocolli stem.also chicken wings and legs.

    1. She loves frozen carrot chunks and small florets of frozen brocolli.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, they would make great soap moulds if only I mad soap!

  5. What cute molds. I am glad that Ruby likes her veggies.

    God bless.


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