Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Poor Ruby....

We took Ruby to see the vet nurse for her monthly puppy check up. We had a small list of things that we wanted to ask about. She dealt with the first two but made us a vet appointment (for 20 minutes later).

She discovered a very red pinna and inner ear (doesn’t think it an infection, more irritation which could be an allergy). She prescribed some steroid based ear drops for a week.

Next check was her bum which she has been nibbling at for a while. Yep, despite her being so young, her anal glands needed emptying. What an odd pong! Ruby didn’t care, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

We have to go back later this week to see how she is. A quick £67 spent but at least there will be no consultation charge next time. The vet was new and had tried to charge us for the anal gland job but the receptionist said no, all part of the consultation! She said that hopefully it won’t happen again for a long while as a raw diet should help. Mind you, she also said that some dogs are more prone to it (and Spaniels are prone to ear problems). We shall see.

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  1. Poor little Ruby. I hope the drops help a lot.


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