Saturday 13 June 2020

Finally, getting there

Having pulled out more rows this morning, I finally got back to where I was yesterday. With DB’s help, we did the dreaded cast off row. I end up with 3 stitches too many, checking halfway through it thank goodness. I did one extra cast off, then knitted two together.

I amended the pattern to remind me that for this particular pattern, the stitch left on the needle after casting off, appears to not be counted in the next bit. 

I feel a bit more relaxed now and will hopefully finish it off tomorrow.

One of the neighbours out back had people around last night. Thankfully no music but very loud laughing and shouting. I shut the window at 01:00 as they were driving me nuts. They are a household of three and there were way more voices than that.


  1. Things seem to be relaxing far quicker than the govt want. Lots of cars outside my neighbours and the occasional child voice in the garden. But no noise.

    1. Perhaps they think if they are quiet, no one will notice despite the cars.

  2. Glad to read that you managed to get things straightened out on your knitting.

    God bless.

  3. Just hoping that the flouting of the rules by so many doesn't bring a second wave. My apologies for not been in touch but I have been without internet. If you let me have your address I will post the patterns don to you. Take care.


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