Saturday 20 June 2020

Oops and Ruby

Firstly the oops. Whilst eating a bread based lunch yesterday, a parcel arrived. I took it off the floor where the postman left it, forgot to wash my hands and carried on eating. First time I have forgotten and hopefully all will be well.

Gosh, we had hours of heavy rain yesterday. Mainly dry today.

Ruby rarely runs with anything in her mouth. She picks things up occasionally, goes about 2 paces then drops them. This picture made us smile:
She looks like she is smoking a cigar like a certain Prime Minister!

Here she is relaxing during her nail clipping and clumps of hair removal from her paws:
She did have her eyes closed but opened them when I quietly picked up the camera. Like children, how do they know?

Happy Summer Soltice or longest day today (according to the news) but in my head, it will always be June 21st.


  1. Yes, I still think of 21st as the longest day, I always will.

    Ruby is so gorgeous, and to have her relaxed while you cut her nails and trim her feet is amazing. Suky has such ticklish feet it's a two person job to keep her foot still while one of us clips away. She pulled away just as Alan was trimming the last nail last week and he accidently cut too much off ... the kitchen was like a crime scene, little drips of blood everywhere for about an hour and poor Suky looking at her Dad as if he was the Devil Incarnate all day.

    1. My DDiL showed us how to hold a certain part of her leg, that locks it into place which helps although I am still terrified of cutting her quick.

  2. Thankfully not a lot of rain here yesterday so we are making the most of been able to get outside.

    1. We started bigger clearance jobs yesterday. As soon as our council garden waste bin is empty, we shall get on again.


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