Thursday, 25 June 2020

Hot enough for you?

Yesterday, our shade temperature got to 33.9C, today it is currently 31C but somehow feels a lot hotter.

I had a 9.00am eye test this morning, it was very long winded but professional all the same. However, my pupils just wouldn’t open enough for a decent retina picture, so needed eye drops. Half an hour later, I had those sexy Belladonna eyes.

They redid my pressures as well and after a final check, all was well. Macula in both eyes good, a few little other things going on but no change from last time.

I asked for my tv glasses to be better although looking at my prescription I think they have done reading, ah well. If so, I shall ask again for improved tv glasses.

We popped into our favourite cafe, in new premises, to pick up two cheese scones and some piper crisps for lunch.

We eventually got home at 11:30. We also needed to do other shopping but it was getting crowded so shall go in first thing tomorrow.


  1. Much too hot for me and Suky, we both love the cool and are playing our move around with the shade game whenever we are outside. Alan loves it and keeps suggesting long dog walks ... I think he is trying to kill us!!

    I make no secret of the fact that I prefer cold to heat. Alan just thinks I'm very strange.

    1. I love Spring, Autumn and mostly Winter, but Summer, is usually too hot for me.

  2. We managed to hit 31 C yesterday but with the heat index it felt like 37 C. Then today we are lucky to get to 26 C with rain.

    God bless.

  3. I think the highest we have got is 20 so a little envious of your high temperatures.


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